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The groom and The brides [entries|friends|calendar]
i am the groom

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[07 Sep 2004|03:37pm]

[ mood | like a LOVED dinOsaUR ]

well jesus.
isnt any one gunna join this?!?!
am i the ONLY one who updates on it too.

1 © weddng bells

[06 Sep 2004|12:27pm]


name: Taylor

age: 14

sex: Female

sexuality (optional): uhhh.

top 7 favorite bands: oh man...lets think. - UNDEROATH. - From autumn 2 ashes
- Funeral For a Friend. - Every Time I Die. - Norma Jean. - The Starting Line.
- ummmm.......one more....DAMNIT i could do like 4576283764 more....but okay...ummm...TAYLOR DOESNT KNOW!!!!!
describe yourself in 4 words or 2 sentences :
- stupid
- hyper
- wierd
- fun at times.

this can either be shown with a SMALL image or a word

hair: ummm short and dark

eyes: dark brown

favorite color: green...orange...yellow

at least 2 face-showing pics: ...im not that smart.

one random picture:

why do you want to be a bride to the groom?:
BECAUSE.....i love it...and the maker of it is one of my bestest friends.
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[06 Sep 2000|11:16am]

this is a NEW community.
see our info.
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